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About Ruff House Day Camp

At The Ruff House Doggy Day Camp & Slumber Party, we strive to offer a unique daycare & boarding experience for your dog.  Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, and affordable option for your dog’s boarding and socialization needs.  Caring for your canine is truly a full time job when you consider having to exercise, socialize, train, and feed your dogs.  Let The Ruff House Doggy Day Camp & Slumber Party help with these tasks.  Our focus is to provide the basic necessities so that you can focus on spoiling your companion when he or she is not with us!

As the owner of The Ruff House, I wanted to provide the easiest, safest and most affordable option possible to other dog owners.  I have three dogs of my own and I know first hand how much work it can be to ensure that they have a great life and enjoy every second they have with me and my family.  I’ve started this service to provide the same love and attention that I give my dogs to other canine companions.

Daily life can often be hectic.  Let us at The Ruff House help you with the care of your dog.  Can we play with your dog?!!

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