The Single Life…With a Dog, Of Course…

When I got my dog, Packo, I was single.  I didn’t mind it, but only after I got him.  It was great.  There’s a ton of you out there that probably feel the exact same way I did.  I was living in a condo building and every time I would leave Packo in his crate, he would howl for a good 30 minutes or so.  That was a great way to make your neighbors hate you, and obviously, that put a lot of pressure on whether or not to go out or not and when.

Having a puppy is a lot of work.  It’s a huge commitment and you will definitely have to sacrifice a lot after you bring your pup home.  Time and social life is a big one!  I was always looking for a place to go that I could take my dog.  When I mean take my dog, I mean take my dog inside on leash and be at my side while I enjoy a beverage or dinner.  I found that Rockville and Bethesda have quite a few places that are dog friendly and at least allow dogs on the patio.  Some of those include:

  • Mykonos Grill
  • Fontina Grill
  • 7 Locks Brewery
  • VillaMaya
  • America Tap-room
  • Silver

Whenever I left the house, I was always worried about Packo.  Not that he would destroy something, but that he was bored and souped up in the crate while I was out having fun and enjoying a nice meal and some good company.  That said, I would always have to be home in a timely manner to at least let him out, especially when he was a puppy.  After letting him out, my conscience kicked in and would question whether I should leave again or just stay home with him…poor guy, all alone, and he doesn’t even speak English yet!

I found myself choosing to hang out with Packo more frequently than not.  This obviously had a toll on my social life including my dating life.  Still, I just couldn’t take it out on my dog…just didn’t feel right.  Plus, he was so cool and fun to hang out with that I didn’t really mind.  But, I felt that staying in all the time or only hanging out with my dog would eventually be considered somewhat of an unhealthy lifestyle.

So, here at the Ruff House Doggy Day Camp & Slumber Party, we have DateCamp!  This is for all you people who are spending all your time with your dog(s) and deserve a night out.  We offer it Friday and Saturday evening from 5 pm until midnight so that you can go enjoy your happy hour or dinner and movie with your significant other or with your bff’s and not feel stressed that your pup is home all alone and bored just waiting for you to pick him or her up.  In order to give your dog the life he or she deserves doesn’t mean that you should take it out on yourself.  Come check it out.  We guarantee a guilt free evening without your dog that you all will enjoy!