Doggie Daycare

I started this daycare after getting out of years in the home building and construction business.  I found myself asking throughout each and every day, “how soon until I can go home and hang out with my dogs?”  I was completely drained at the end of each day and not even close to ready at the beginning of the next.  More so, I wanted to start a place that would actually bring dog people together in a way not done before.

I’ve always had a dog in the family.  Our first dog was Henry, whom I brought home without my parents approval as a birthday present for my sister.  Timing was great, actually.  I didn’t have any money and a lady we knew was giving away a 4 month old cockapoo!!  He was our first dog and everyone found themselves attached to him immediately.

Henry was exactly the dog we needed.  He was extremely smart, friendly, loyal, fun, playful, perfect.  After a few years, I realized that he probably gets bored when we left him at home.  I always thought getting another dog for him would be a great idea, but that never happened.

Until….I got Packo!  Yet another perfect dog.  Packo is a hound/german shepherd/staffordshire terrier/alaskan malamute mix.  Super good looking too!  Problem was, when I got Packo, Henry was already 14 years old…not exactly in puppy shape.  Plus, I wasn’t living at home anymore, so it was just Packo and I.  Only one thing to do…you know where this is going…

Cheesecake is the worst black lab ever!  I mean that.  When we adopted her, they said that she was probably all black lab.  After a few weeks at home, we noticed that she herded a lot and she could jump 3 feet in the air from a stand still!  As she got older, she still jumps and now walks the top of the couch like a cat…After the DNA test, we found out she is 0% lab.  She is 50% rotty, 12.5% dalmation, 12.5% english spaniel springer, 12.5% boxer, and 12.5% mixed breed herding dog…like I said, worst lab ever.

Anyway, all this time building homes, I realized that I was most happy when I was with my dogs.  I would take them hiking, to the bars/restaurants in fantastic Columbia Heights, DC, dog parks, basically wherever I could.

After some deep thought, I decided to take the plunge and do what I love doing.  Taking care of dogs has been a hidden passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  We got our first dog when I was 18, but I was always playing with other peoples dogs, walking up to strangers to pet their dogs, and watching dogs at home whenever I could and was able.  They ended up being my first priority!  Questions would arise…go on a date with nice girl or hang out with dogs…I’ll let you have one guess to what I chose!

Adopt a third, of course!  He’s an adorable Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd & Poodle mix).  They say that he is smart, but he spends all his time playing with the other dogs, he doesn’t have time for school work.

I bring all my dogs to daycare frequently and we hope you will also!  Can we play with your dog?!  No, really, can we?