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Welcome to The Ruff House Doggy Day Camp & Slumber Party!!!  The purpose of this page is to keep everyone abreast of any and all events that we are participating in as well as inform the community of any and all dog related news.  Here and there, maybe a glimpse into our personality to show our life and love of dogs.

My mission is to make The Ruff House Doggy Day Camp & Slumber Party the best option to bring your dog.  I’ve visited many dog daycares not just in the DC metropolitan area, but all over the country (I would always go to a few dog daycares whenever I traveled just to check them out).  When it came time to come up with a pricing strategy, I decided to offer everything I could for a price.  No hidden charges, no up-charges.  We want your dog here so that he/she can play, socialize, and be tired when you are ready for pick-up.

812, 2017

5 Outdoor Activities for You & Your Dog to Strengthen the Bond

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Regardless of the season, spending quality time outdoors with your dog is a must! And I’m not talking about those boring dog walks around the block or playing fetch in the leash-free park. I mean [...]