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Cage Free Dog Daycare & Boarding – Rockville, MD

“$20 For Full Day of Day Camp on Saturdays and Sundays!!! Reservations Requested

$33 for a Full Day of Camp & Starting at $50 for Overnight Boarding INCLUDES a Full Day of Camp!!!

Dog Boarding House, Rockville, MD 20852




Winner Best of Bethesda

About Our Dog Day care and Boarding

Welcome to The Ruff House Doggy Day Camp & Slumber Party, a new cage free dog daycare and boarding facility located in Rockville, MD near both the Twinbrook & the White Flint Metro stations. We are a fully dog-centric facility with over 7500 square feet of open play, open sleep, grooming, and boutique store space.

The Ruff House Doggy Day Camp & Slumber Party is a fun and fully supervised pet resort for dogs where you can safely drop off your family pet for the day or for an extended stay. Your dog is free to roam in one of our four extra large play pens throughout the day. Mid-day, all dogs receive a much needed afternoon nap and break.

The Doggy Day Camp is open to dogs of all ages and sizes. Dogs are separated by size and by temperament, in one of four play pens that total over 3500 square feet of open play and sleep space. Your canine companions are supervised and cared for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Throughout the day, your dog will be free to play with other dogs and learn socialization skills in a safe and spotlessly clean environment. We also offer bathing services and nail trims.

Our Lazy Lounge is for dogs that don’t require much exercise, but want some companionship throughout the day. Here, we provide a home environment with couches, coffee table, and even a rug so that your dog will feel at home.

Our cage free open play environment has an air exchange that changes the air inside throughout the day. Each play pen has its own extra-large, raised potty pads to ensure easy clean-up and a healthy, sanitary environment. We dispose of all dog waste promptly and appropriately to avoid any odors inside our facility.

The Ruff House Doggy Day Camp & Slumber Party is your family pet’s home away from home! Every day at day camp, your dog will receive complimentary basic training such as learning to sit, stay, and down, as well as complimentary hugs, love, kisses, and smiles!

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